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In our FAQ area we answer you the most asked questions to us.



 Where can I find the terms and conditions?

These can be found on our website under "Terms and Conditions"


 Is the service offered nationwide?

We can offer you our service throughout Germany.


 Is the chauffeur service charged per person or per trip?

The price is always valid for the route and the vehicle.


 Why is the ride from the airport more expensive than the ride to the airport?

By picking up at the airport occur waiting times and parking fees - these we charge in a flat rate.


 Do you have English-speaking drivers?

All our chauffeurs speak German as well as English, in some cases some other languages too. If you have special requirement, please contact us.


 Since when does EZY GmbH exist?

We have been working in the chauffeur industry since 2011. In May 2018 we have specialized even more in the subject of mobility and have founded the EZY GmbH.


 Are you also a taxi company?

No, we are a car rental company. The main difference to the classic taxi is that our vehicles are not "ivory-colored" and we are not allowed to pick you up spontaneously, an advanced booking is necessary.


 What do I do if I have special / bulky luggage with me?

Please,  inform us  about this  on time - we are happy to organize  the right vehicle for you.


 How much luggage can I bring?

For each passenger we expect a suitcase (standard baggage) and a hand luggage, in case you have more luggage, please inform us on time - we are happy to organize the right vehicle for you.


 What is the difference between a one-way booking and an hourly booking?

In case of one-way booking, the chauffeur will take you from A to B and the service ends at that point when you arrive at your destination. An hourly booking means that the chauffeur is at your disposal for a certain period of time and can take you to multiple destinations.


 Do I get a customer number from you and what are the advantages?

When you book us for the first time, you will get a customer number. It gives you the option to create your online bookings yourself. And later on by future bookings, the booking process can be accelerated behalf on the already saved data.


 Do you have an app?

No, we do not have our own app, but our booking system is suitable for mobile devices, this can be reached via our website


 Do you also provide guides?

If you need a tour guide, we will be happy to arrange one for you.


 How are the passengers insured?

All passengers are insured during the journey  according to our public liability insurance.


 Which color are your vehicles?

We mainly provide you with black vehicles. At peak times of the year, we may have to increase our fleet at short notice, so the color may vary in rare cases.


 What vehicles do you have in the fleet and how old are those?

Since we pay attention to well-maintained and new vehicles, we change these at the latest every two years, depending on delivery times and manufacturer conditions. In the business categories, however, we guarantee at all times that we  provide you with vehicles of the following brands BMW, Audi and Mercedes.


 Do your chauffeurs wear a suit?

In the Economy class suits are not required. If you have booked business or luxury class, our chauffeur will always appear in suit.


 Are there any drinks in the vehicle?

In the economy categories, we do not offer drinks for free. In all other categories, a 0.5 liter bottle of water per guest will be provided free of charge. On request, we will gladly organize other drinks for you.


 How can I get in contact with you?

You can reach us by phone at +49 89/55005800 or by email at


 How do I become a corporate customer?

You become a corporate customer by booking the trip with us and we will provide you with a corresponding customer number.



 Does a deposit have to be deposited and in what amount?

For chauffeur rides a deposit is payable only by larger amounts, this is then individually agreed.


 How can I pay?

Due to legal requirements, cash payments are unfortunately not possible, but as an alternative we can gladly offer you the payment by credit card or PayPal. The payment on account is possible at any time for smaller amounts and for companies by prior arrangement.


 How do I get my bill?

You will receive the invoice after the transfer by email - if you have booked several trips, you will receive the bill after the last trip.



 How can I change my booking?

Existing bookings can be changed by contacting us by phone or email. If you have booked your trip online and have created a customer number, you can also change your details online after you log in.


 How can I book a chauffeur service?

You can easily book online using our booking form or you can make the booking by phone or email.


 Do you drive abroad?

We take trips from Germany to neighboring countries, we accomplish multi-day assignments abroad as well. For trips that take place abroad only, we may offer you chauffeur service through our partner network.


 How can I cancel a trip and does cancellation fee apply?

You can cancel your booking by e-mail, by phone or in the case of an online booking via our booking system. Up to a certain time cancellation fees will not be charged. More information on cancellations and the fees can be found in our terms and conditions.


 Do you also provide child seats?

We are happy to provide you with the suitable child seats for a fee of € 5.00 incl. VAT per ride and per child seat. However, you must reserve these prior to the journey start.


 Does online booking price include all the costs?

The online prices include vehicle, fuel and chauffeur, parking and toll fees. VAT is also already included, so there are no additional costs. Only in case of delays waiting time can occur.


 Can I book a chauffeur for a whole day?

You are welcome to take advantage of our stand-by service, the chauffeur will be at your disposal for as long as you like.


 Can I book trips for the same day or at short notice?

If you book your trip online, this must be done in advance. In urgent cases, contact us by phone and we will give our best to organize your trip as soon as possible.


 Can I have the same driver assigned to my next bookings?

We will gladly try to assign the same driver to your booking request again, but there is no 100% guarantee.


 What do I do if I'm late?

If you are late, please contact us immediately by phone so that we can discuss the further procedure with you.


 How do I recognize the driver of the EZY GmbH?

Our driver can be found by paying attention to the pick-up sign with your name and our logo on it.


 How does the transfer work?

After the booking was made, you will receive our reservation confirmation with all relevant data, meeting place and chauffeur’s data are noted. The driver will be waiting for you and will help you with the luggage.


 When will you confirm my booking?

We confirm bookings within 24 hours.


 Can I book a ride with multiple destinations?

We are happy to carry out multi-stop bookings for you - just let us know the different destinations in the desired order or enter them by online booking.


 I lost something in the car - how will I get it back?

Our chauffeurs check the vehicles regularly. However, we assume no liability for lost or damaged personal belongings left in vehicles. If you have forgotten something, please contact the chauffeur first. If the chauffeur can not help you, please contact our office at +49 89 5500/5800 and we will check whether your item has already been delivered to our office.



 How long will my chauffeur wait for me?

Your chauffeur will wait for you until you arrive at the meeting point. For pick-ups from the airport a 30-minute waiting time is included in the price, for all other pick-up locations 15 minutes. For an additional charge our chauffeur will wait for you as long as you want.


 What happens if the chauffeur does not find me?

After a while, our chauffeur will try to contact you to coordinate with you the meeting place and the waiting time. If you are not available, our chauffeur will start the return journey. By airport pick- ups the chauffeur waits so long until your flight disappears from the scoreboard.


 I can not find the chauffeur, what do I do?

Please try to reach the chauffeur directly on his mobile phone. If this fails, please contact the emergency number - this can be found on your reservation confirmation in the message box.


 Can I get the phone number from the chauffeur?

We will send you driver’s contact details by e-mail to the e-mail address at least 1 hour prior to the journey.



With EZYDRIVERS all expectations are fulfilled!


Whether special occasion, shopping tour, airport transfer, individual trip or the trip to a business meeting - with our vehicles you are always safe and comfortable on the road.

Your advantages are:

  • Easy booking
  • You will be picked up - no matter where and when
  • Your driver takes care of the navigation
  • The chauffeur takes over the parking lot
  • On request we provide a current daily newspaper
  • The driver takes care of your luggage
  • and much more 

Our fleet consists of many different models that always exactly meet your needs and our chauffeurs ensure a pleasant and safe journey.